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going to see my ENT TOMORROW - good to see the regulars still being regular- glad John is feeling better - seems he had a " bump in the road" glad all seems well now. It's hard to believe it has almost been 2 1/2 years since my last treatment. I have just been feeling some discomfort in the area where the lymph nodes were removed- voice is unusually raspy and a cough- so I figured its time to see the guy I didn't really never wanted to see again in my lifetime


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    Hi Roar


    Looks like we both will be seeing the ENT tomorrow, my appointment is for 8:30 in the morning. Now that I am retired I am on a new insurance and the only way I can see my ENT now is for my family doctor to make an appointment for me. Kind of dumb being I have seen her for the last 3 years every 3 months. But that is Obummer care I guess anything to make the cost go up. All the best on you visit my friend


    Tim Hondo  

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    Thinking of you and good mojo

    Hope all is well and it's another NED

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    wmc said:

    Thinking of you and good mojo

    Hope all is well and it's another NED

    all the best of luck mate

    all the best of luck mate

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    Congrats Roar..

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    hi Roar!  good to hear from

    hi Roar!  good to hear from you.  yes, time is flying by so quickly.  i'm sorry you are having some issues and i will be praying it is nothing serious.  we all feel like you do about having to see the

    God bless you,


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    2 1/2 years, WOW!

    Howdy Roar,

    I’ve been keeping your seat warm, here at the H&N bar “Raspy Cough”.  Where we welcome new-normal and abi-normal alike.

    It sounds like we share some side effects.