4/27 - Pink Bus scheduled for Andi44 -- Mammo/ultrasound

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Please come and ride along with me ..  supporting our Sister in PINK,  Andi44 ..

I have gased up the bus, and the coffee is brewing --  I promise to abide by the speed limits, today ...


Vicki Sam


  • aisling8
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    I'm coming along

    The coffee should be ready by now. Just cause you're obeying the speed limits doesn't mean you're driving well, you know, Vicki Sam:)

    Hoping for good results for you, Andi44.



  • disneyfan2008
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    DAng I missed the bus but

    DAng I missed the bus but maybe we can meet up tomorrow for on Rad. Oncologist follow up appt(annual check up) 7 yrs post diagnosis.



  • andi44
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    pink bus...

    Thank you Vicki Sam for ordering the pink bus...Good News - my mammogram and ultrasound came back fine - the technician believes what the doctor felt is just a swollen node - could be a result of the heavy coughing I've been doing for 4+ months and having bronchitis a few weeks ago...What aggravates me is they didn't take the ultrasound wand over the area that is causing my pain - she concentrated on my breast and in my underarm...My pain is more on the side...My friend thinks I should go for another opinion - I'm just tired of it all...I have an oncology apt. next week - and will talk to him if its still hurting...

    Thank you again for all the support...

    Andi  :)