Need advice on groin node pressure/pain. Please

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I hope everyone is doing well here and I do apologize I have not been diagnosed with cancer. I've been having trouble the past six months and just need some insight or advice.  In December I noticed a enlarged groin node in the crease of my right thigh.  Went to my doctor and she said it was of no concern, but sent me to an oncologist to double check. He diagnosed me with inguinal lymphadenopathy and said to return in 8 weeks for any significant changes. He was not concerned and said it was small(1-1.5cm). The lymph node does not cause pain, but there is pain in the surrounding areas. The pain is like a constant pressure in my pubic area on the right side that radiates to my thigh and hip. The pressure is worse when I wear a belt, but is is always there. Also in the exact spot that most of the pressure comes from (right pubic area) there is a slight bulge. It fluxuates in size through out the day. Sometimes almost completely flat and other times more noticeable. It feels like the pubic muscle but the left side is completely flat with no pain or pressure. I have had blood test, urine test, and a abdominal CT. If there was a mass I'm sure the CT would have seen it, but the pain and pressure has not gone away. I'm not sure what is going on and it's caused me allot of distress. I've lost 40 pounds over the last six months, hair seems to be falling out,can't sleep or eat. I hope and believe the weight loss is due to stress. I don't no if the pain is from my intestines or the node is sitting on nerves? I do go back to the oncologist next week so if there are any test I should request please share. Any advice or input would help. The only cancers I could find even close to my symptoms are lymphoma or intestinal. I'm 27 6ft 160 pound male. Thanks again and have a great day


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    Welcome to the forum

    It surely sounds like you hace something going on, and it must be terribly frustrating that your medical tests and Doctors are not giving you an answer.

    This is something I have never heard of, and the only thing I can suggest is that you may want to think about getting a second opinion. I know it can get expensive, but it may be that a new set of eyes (and tests) may give you  diagnosis. 

    Good luck! 

    We are usually a little quiet here on the weekends, so there may be others who have come across what you are suffering from.


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    I Have Had Swollen Nodes Off And On Forever

    I have colon cancer, but have had swollen nodes off and on for years.  Often when I am tired or run down.  I really did not have much pain at all most of the time, unless in a place where I had movement.  I do not believe any of it was (or is) related to my cancer, because if it was cancer all this time I had these occur, I seriously doubt I would be alive today because it would have been cancer for probably 20 years if I recall the first time it happened.  (And yes, swollen lymph nodes is something that could make anyone panic).  I have had them in the area you described and under my arms.  Sometimes in the neck.  All that being said, get it checked out and make sure.  If you have lost 40 pounds over 6 months and are losing hair, it could be stress.  Also if you are intentionally losing weight, change in diet can cause things like you described.  But again, get it checked out.  There are a few types of CT scans in terms of areas and approach where something may get found easier (or so it seems to me based on my tests, though I may be wrong in what I was told.)  So ask about that, where and how the scan was performed.  

    If you do not get answers, you can get a colonoscopy to put your mind at ease.  But in the interim, beathe deeply and try to relax as you proceed.    


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    inguinal LN pain

    I have this problem, too. The docs don't know what or why, but I have found that a PETscan is the only type of scan that picks up mets in my lymph nodes. You might ask about this, and you may have to push. Good luck!

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    I think you need to keep pushing on this.

    40 pounds of weight loss is quite a lot for 6 months...I assume you weren't dieting and trying to lose it?

    I was misdiagnosed for several months because the CT scan I got failed to see any of the cancer that was actually growing.  So I would suggest trying to get a colonoscopy and/or a PET scan (the PET is much more senstive, esp to growth in the intestines).

    You're young, but unfortunately not too young to have cancer.  Hopefully that is not what it is, but it needs to be ruled out.

    Good luck, and keep us posted.

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    Dear Friend,

    Of cour take all precautions, but have they checked you for hernia. That can be hard to diagnose sometimes. The fact that it is fluctuating in size during the day and it's worse when you are wearing a belt may indicate some intestines bulging through the lower abdominal wall.