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Brenda Bricco
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I've actually been reading posts frequently but found myself a little stunned by the loss of Craig, to me he would always be here. My heart goes out to his family and I pray for their comfort and peace.

I don't know how many remember that our house was damaged in a tornado August 21st 2013 and argued with insurance for a year and a half until they couldn't deny the forensic engineer's report and agreed to replace basement, straighten house and roof system. We had five days to find a rental and move (thank God for restoration companies), we managed to move Setember 10th, 2014 to a rental five miles from out house. I know many of you don't know that I am a country gal, so having next door neighbors was different and I didn't realize how down I would get by not being at home (we had to come to the property twice a day for chores). We were told we should be in by Christmas so we packed for a couple months and figured we could rough it as long as we would be home by Christmas (everything went to storage). Well, Christmas came and went and because of it was such a complex fix, it took seven months instead of two to three.

I did come and post about my husband's last treatment SBRT that seemed to really knock that tumor that is snuggled up to his hepatic artery and was pushing it closed. He did the treatments and went back for a scan three months later that looks clean but his CEA was a 9 which we all know is a little high. This coming Thursday is his next scan and of course it's all moving from the back of my mind to the fore front. I will post results when we get them.

We moved back into out house two weeks ago and are starting to get settled which feels amazing. It was a horrible ordeal but I have to say that are now seeing much good that came from it all in the new walls, trim, doors and rearranging the kitchen and master bedroom. I also, thanks to a friend got to go watch my daughter graduate from the Air Force Basic training in San Antonio, Tx. It was something I will never forget. She worked so hard and was so proud of her self but gracious and although she was always a sweet girl was changed for the better. I asked her Drill Seargant if they took 14 year olds but she politley declined and said to send her, her way in four years.

I just wanted to check in, so I won't go on forever... I just hope that all of you will look into the SBRT treatments. They have the machines in St Louis, Madison Wi and I believe UCLA has theirs up and running.

God's blessings to you all.



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    home is where the heart is. Glad to hear you're back home. Wishing you a good outcome on the next scan.

    Its always a nervy few days.