Low grade temperature that goes up and down for week. No other symptoms.


It started last week. The temp was 100.1 then after 1 Tylenol and a cool wash cloth on my head, it went down to 98.7.

I had a runny nose that day but no aches and pains anywhere.

I called the doctor. I talked with the nurse. She said she would call the doctor and give him the message and he or she will call me back. A 1/2 hour went by and no phone call so I called the office again to talk to the nurse. She said she tried calling the doctor twice with the message and he still hasen't called back.

I asked her what my blood count showed. She said my white blood count was high but that could still be from the hula sat shot even though it was over 2 weeks since I had the shot, or it could mean I am fighting a infection. So she was concerned and didn't know what to tell me to do.

She said the office was closing so I needed to make sure Incall the after hour service and have them to continue to call the doctor with the message.

I called the after hour service twice that night and each time they said they were still waiting for him to call back.

I am Not happy with this doctors habit of not returning phone calls.

This was not the first time he's left me hanging and not knowing what to do.

Anyway. I have given up on him. I figure if the temp. gets over 100.2 or stays over 99. then I go to the ER to be checked out.

the thing is, it goes up and down and doesn't stay normal and it's been a week.

I am suppose to get my 3rd chemo treatment this Tuesday. April 21st. I started taking my steroid pills today 2 in the morning and 2 at night. to' prepare for the chemo like last time but I don't even know if I'll be able to take the chemo with this crazy low grade fever.

has anyone else experience this kind of temperature going up and down with no other symtoms?

I plan on calling the doctor tomorrow morning and get at least the nurses opinion. If she has one. That office is good at chemo treatments but not good at patient care! I am at the 1/2 way point in my chemo treatments and really don't want to start all over with a new oncolgest.


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    Hi Annabella, OMG, the Doc is ridiculous and so is the nurse.  Sorry you have to go through this mess along with what you have going on.  Fever, is not good Annabella, even low grade. Just to be on the safeside, I would go to the ER, have them check it out.  It's better to be safe than sorry. I am sure they will hydrate you.  Hope all goes well.  

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    Low-Grade Fever with Chemo

    Hi Annabella,

    I also got a low-grade fever each time I got chemo. I had Carboplatin & Taxol. In the printed instructions my hematological oncologist's nurse gave me, it said that if my temperature got up to 100.5, I was to call them.

    My temperature reached 100.5 the second day after my first hit with the chemo.  I called the hospital. The doctor taking the calls said that if my temperature did not go any higher, not to worry. It did not go higher, and it eventually got back to normal.

    As it turned out, each time I got the hit (6 rounds), my temperature would fluctuate for the first few days - usually going just over 100, then 99, then back to normal eventually.

    Other symptom was the bone pain from the Neulasta. That also subsides over time.

    Neuropathy is another subject.

    Hope this helps...So sorry you are going through all of this stuff.


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    They should keep close track of your temperature!

    Hi there,

    Here are my two cents based on my experience 5 years ago:  When I was undergoing chemo/radiation, they kept close track of my temperatures - it is an important indicator.  At one point, when my blood counts really tanked, post surgery, my temperature was up & they hospitalized me.  I do not understand why this isn't a high priority for your docs.  I am glad you are being proactive.

    Wishing you the very best,