tongue and throat cancer

Hello........My husband finished 35 radiation treatments Feb 23 for base of tongue cancer that spread to throat and lymphs on both sides of he still can't swallow.  I feed him by a G-tube and I would love to get some info on anyone who has had this, how long does it take to be able to swallow again?????   Until he swallows again, our life will not go forward and recover.......his mouth hurts of course from the burning etc......any info would be great...


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    Sorry your husband is having a rough time swallowing. Is he able to take anything by mouth? Several of us did best with things at room temperature at first, including water. Has he been given Magic mouthwash? If there is a lot of burning it could be thrush. That would not be uncommon and can be quickly treated.

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    He needs to swallow something...

    everyday....even small sips of water, in order for his swallower to keep it's funtion.  If it's burning, I found the L-Glutamine powder mixed in water did not sting, even when plain water did sting.  He can get all his nutrition and 98% of his hydration through his tube for the time being, but he must swallow something every day.

    Thrush is comes on and makes the mouth so tender, and stingy.....he needs to tell his Oncologist that he's not swallowing anything.....they will set him up with a therapist to help.


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    hi, Marilyn.  I am praying

    hi, Marilyn.  I am praying for things to get much better so you and hubby can go forward and start living again.  unfortunately, this is an area that takes time.  but tell him he needs to swallow everday so he does not lose the ability to do so.  wishing you the best.