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Not sure how many on here recieve a magazine called Cure.  It's a magazine tailored to cancer patients/survivors and thier caretakers.  It is published on a quarterly basis.  Really a great magazine.  Full of information on all types of cancers.  Yah, I'm going somewhere with this.  This issue has a awesome article on CRC called "on the verge of understaning."  Talks about the history of treatment (I think we all know about this) and what is to come and some current clinical trials.  Really informative.  So, if you are interested here is a way to sign up.


Call 1-800-210-2873 or  It's free of charge.

A little note.... Thier disclaimer "All the stories you read on CURE are reported and edited without the influence of advetisers or sponors." 

I hope and pray all are doing well....  Take care and God bless.