Cleavers Herb

Hi all, I'm 3 years 5 months out from my robotic surgery to remove a cancerous mass on my epigoltis. I'm doing good, feeling good, except, for the " turkey neck". Recently, I read an article that said cleavers herb will reduce swelling, keep nodes clear , help with mucus . Have any of you tried this herb...?

Hope this finds all that were in my timeframe well and all new members, I'm so sorry you have to be here, on the road to treatment and recovery..



  • phrannie51
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    Whoo hoo to you!!!

    ...on 3 1/2 years out of treatment! 

    I've never heard of this herb, but that's what the internet is for......think I'll do a little research.


  • debbiejeanne
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    congrats on 3.5 yrs!!  aug.

    congrats on 3.5 yrs!!  aug. will make me 3.5 yrs.  please let us know if you try this and if it works.  i'd love to have something help with my turkey neck.  it's huge!!