ANY HER2+ members who's GOT CLEAR MARGINS & NEGATIVE SENTINEL NODE who has chosen NOT to undergo che

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Hello Members:

Am wondering if there's anyone out there who got clear, clear margins** of at least 4mm - 15 mm away from invasive carcinoma (tumor) and who also got negative sentinel node

and who has chosen NOT to undergo chemotherapy, and accepted radiation therapy or vice vera, i.e. accepted chemotherapy but rejected radiation therapy.


Please let him know why you went with your respective decision, and what your doctor said?

I am meeting my medical oncologist today and am thinking of one or the other and not both.

If chemo is absolutely necessary, I shall ask for the New Zealand approved 9 week combined taxane chemotherapy + herception as this course of treatment has shown to be less toxic to one's heart, and just as effective. I read that longer treatment added no additional benefits to patients.


Thank you for sharing.



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    What I did

    I don't know the details of your case (Stage?) and I am no doctor but I can tell you something. This is not a cancer you mess around with. I am HER2 (Triple pos) and did the FULL works (radical mastectomy with complete lymph node clearance, chemo before and after surgery, 33 rounds of radiation and 1.5 yrs of Herceptin). I am doing great at 3 years. Even though I have no lymph nodes, I have worked up to half hour of weight lifting every other day and am running my first half marathon in two weeks. I also did things like improving my diet, herbal teas, yoga etc but NOT at the expense of proven scientific treatments. I got slight heart valve damage with the Herceptin but it corrected itself in two months. I have slight lung thickening from the rads, but it has not affected my running at all. (I run 5K in 26 minutes). Do exactly what your onc recommends and get second opinions. I personally asked them to hit me with whatever they've got in the arsenal as I want to LIVE and not have regrets if the cancer recurs. I've never regretted my decisions. We are all TOUGH and you can get through this too!!! Hugs, Anna

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    My mother has been diagnosed with Stage 4 invasive breast cancer which is HER2+.   Given her age (81), she only wanted to do the surgery to remove it.  However, after CT scan, they also found it in one lymph node and a small node in each of her lungs.  Surgery was now out of the question.   They wanted to do chemo but she said no.   However, she did and continuing to do Herceptin.   There was really no side effects from this drug.  It is an antibody that fights the HER2 gene.    Although the best treatment would be to do Herceptin and chemo, my mom only opted for Herceptin as she is independent and still drives herself.    After three months of being on Herceptin the scan indicated that the tumors all have shrunk.  She goes for another scan at the end of the month.   Being on Herceptin you have to take a MUGA scan which checks your heart.  If it appears to be affecting your heart, then you have to stop treatment for a bit until your heart mends.   If Herceptin quits working, there is a drug called Perjecta??   

    My mom will continue with Herceptin until it quits working.  No one knows how long that will be but for now it is fine.   She still could do the added benefit of chemo, but she said no.

    My best to you.