neuroendocrine tumour in the nasopharynx

Hi All,

I am new here and I am looking for information and people with the same thing I have. I come from the UK and can find very little info about the type of cancer I have on the sites over here. Was told to have a look at the american ones, and this ones gives lots of good information.

So far I have been told that I have small cell neuroendocrine tumour in the nasopharynx with secondaries in the lymph nodes in the neck.

We have been told this is a rare type of cancer and it's even rarer to have it in the nasopharynx my ENT consultant that he had to get the books out for this.

Had CT, Biopsy and PET CT done, just waiting to see what the way forward, Surgery, Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy will find out next week.