Anything good for soreness of the mouth

She just finished cemo and radiation for tongue cancer.. The mounth is so tender and raw. Besides the mouth washes/soda/etc does anybody find any relieve?


  • Bunnymom
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    I was also treated for tongue Cancer. You are just in the very beginning of recovery if you just finished treatment. You most likely still have mouth sores from chemo and radiation. These should go away in a month or so but could last longer. Everyone's recovery is unique to them. Magic mouth wash should help. But, in my opinion, only time and patience will help. 

    I have radiation injury to my tongue. I'm 7 months out from treatment and still have some pain. Be kind to yourself. Drink liquids and stay away from any foods that can aggravate your mouth. I hope this helps. 

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    blessed, i just want to say i

    blessed, i just want to say i hope you find releif quick.  i think like bunny said, it is just going to take time.  i pray it doesn't take too much time and you're feeling good very soon.

    God bless you,