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my blockage biopsy came back. I have a slow growing tumour,well I did have ,they think it's all out but haven't seen the specialist yet. It's not the same as the throat cancer it's a tumour that's not benign or malignant it's in between. Never heard of that one before. It could have been living in my small bowel for years until it blocked the bowel. Whatever next.....


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    Unusual to hear in between benign and malignant. Hoping issue resolved for you now with no complications. Best of luck

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    wow, that is something!  i'm

    wow, that is something!  i'm very glad they finally figured out why you've been having trouble and i pray they now have it fixed and you can really get back to living!  this is a new one on me.  man, what we don't learn going through cancer.  You've been through so much Jf, i pray this is the end of all the issues.  Here's to a better and tumor free tomorrow.

    God bless you,


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    Wow....you must just about be

    done with bad luck.....and the good luck will be starting soon.  You've been through so much, lately....my heart just aches for you.  Hang in there, Jackie.....it's going to turn around now....and thank gawd it's not malignant.....I don't know what "inbetween" means exactly, except that this sounds like they've gotten it and the little bugger is gone.