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The anniversay of Jim's death is on the 17th of April. Last year is was Good Friday on that day so this past Friday was like a prelude to that awful day. I feel that with God's help I have come quite a ways in the grief process but still miss Jim terribly.  As some of you know my mother was diagnosed a month ago with lung cancer, she is  and has been a non smoker. It has taken a month to get into the oncologist. Just before that appointment I took her to the optometrist because her right eye was blurry. Not good news. The cancer has spread to her eye. Oncologist said eye is more important than lung right now so treat it first. Ordered a MRI of head but appointment for follow up not until April 30th! When a sister looked at notes it said follow up in two weeks. I have a very controling sister (there are seven of us girls) who has pushed her way into getting her name as contact person and she is blowing this off. It upsets my mother when we do not get along so I bite my tongue as she has always said the doctors and us other sisters are alarmist.  Sorry to unload. Please pray for my family and especially my mom.



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    Hi you..., 


    You and your family are, and will continue to be in my prayers... I know that Jim is out with me on the water at times...



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    Skiffin16 said:


    Hi you..., 


    You and your family are, and will continue to be in my prayers... I know that Jim is out with me on the water at times...




    I can imagine what a difficult time this must be for you. Having lost my younger sister last year on Easter Sunday, i just went through all those emotions. I will keep you and your Mom in my prayers.

    Sending a hug with those prayers.



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    Can't imagine

    I can't imagine the pain but do remember how much my mom missed my dad after he passed.  I do understand the sister issue.  I lost my eye due to the cancer.  Please feel free to pm me for any information.  There is a wonderful site that I go to for the vision issues and I am so glad that I found it before my surgery.  Lost Eye is the site and I am Pirate Grandma on the site.  I don't know your mom's age but after a short while you are able to function with some adjustments being made.  Some things you just need to deal with.  Prayers for you and your extended family.

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    It gets easier in time..........Kinda

    There still days that trigger imotions for me about the loss of my father and it has been over 30 years. It seems to come on about a week before the date's, Birthday and Day he passed. You will always remember the good memories.

    You and Jim are always in my prayers............


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    Debbie, you are always in my

    Debbie, you are always in my thoughts and prayers but i will say some extra for you. I'm so sorry to hear your mom's cancer has spread.  i hope you and your sisters can come together for your mom's sake.  you all need to be there for each other.  i will be thinking of you on the 17th.  if you need to talk, pm me.

    God bless you and your family,