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Hi there my fellow warriors and friends. Back in January you all helped me celebrate my 5 year all clear wihen my surgeon declared I was officially cured. Just 6 days ago (March 30th) I silently celebrated my 5 year anniversary of ending radiation. My plan was to pull out my mask in a plastic bag in the basement and do something unique with it.. Before that date came one of my secretaries was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night and later found out she has a very aggressive brain cancer origianally thought to be inoperable but hepefully she finds out differently tomorrow. Just over a year and a half ago,  I asked you all for prayers for a co-workers wife who had cancer who now past away  and another co-worker who now has cancer throughout his body and has plans to retire early and just live out the time he has left. I'm sure you can understand even a joker like me doesn't feel like finding a unique way to celebrate 5 years cancer free when it is all around me. Maybe I will do something unique for 6 years

Please pray for Sharon and Keith, they deserve a much bigger break than he gave me.


Happy Easter



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    Jeff prayers for your colleagues. I will cycle accross U.K. next month for cancer research. When I am cold,wet and knackered tales like this will fortify me. Regards, Gary

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    You know I will.....

    I will add both Sharon and Keith to my prayer list. May he live out his time left in peace and pain free, and may it also be a very long time as well.


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    Fantastic your your 5 years and thanks for sharing, gives hope to many.

    How sad about your co-workers.  Will be thiking about them and hope for better news than they have now.  Peace be with them and you.  

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    The Emperor of All Maladies

    Fantastic your your 5 years and thanks for sharing, gives hope to many.

    How sad about your co-workers.  Will be thiking about them and hope for better news than they have now.  Peace be with them and you.  


    Your friends will be in my prayers.

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    Your friends are blessed to

    Your friends are blessed to have you there during this difficult time. You show true empathy. I will add them to my ever-growing prayer list and I will give a prayer of thanksgiving for your 5 year anniversary.

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    Frozen Yogurt

    Sounds good about this time of year...

    Thoughts and prayers your way... and celebrating your upcoming six and several dozen more...


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    Hi Jeff


    I know this is also hard on you Jeff, a friend just down the street was fighting Lung cancer but she could not fight any longer. It has been very hard on her husband to see her doing so well one day then pass away the next. Will keep your family and friends in prayer.


    Tim Hondo

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    Prayers for your coworkers

    Prayers for your coworkers and family.




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    sweet and sour...

    Always so sour to hear about those fighting the beast - so sweet hearing those crossing the official 'cured' finish line!

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    jeff, i'm sorry you couldn't

    jeff, i'm sorry you couldn't celebrate your specail day b/c this damn dieseas is all around you!  unfortunately, it is all around all of us!  its everywhere and it is striking too many people for this day and age.  i never get amuned to heaing, "my friend has cancer, my mom has cancer, my child has cancer".  I hate this more and more everyday.  i honestly did not know I could hate so much.  i am definitely praying for your friends.  May God bless them with strength and may He hold them when they feel weak.  May God be with them through whatever their futures hold for them.  I'm glad God blessed them with a good friend like you. 

    God bless all of you


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    Prayers sent for Sharon and Keith.  I pray they get some decent news.  Please let us know.  Also for yourself....awesome news dear friend !  Please "do" celebrate the 5 year mark.  People who see you made it, will be inspired to fight hard to make it to the other side of this horrid walk !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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    Chin up....

    It can be rather difficult to be so happy with the gift you have been given and yet see others suffer with this aweful beast, but you know there are no two people alike. As you know, no one, even those that have not dealt with cancer, are not promised tomorrow. We must all live our lives as we are given each day. That's what God intended. So, in all this dispair, I hope and pray that you will find the happiness you have been given and try to enjoy it.

    Take it easy and my prayers are with you,



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    T & P


    A  respectful congratulations on reaching the 5 year mark and blessings to your friends and their families.


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    Thanks all

    Sharon had her surgery and they removed 99% of the tumor in her brain and hopfully they zap the rest otherwise it will come back. We decided that we should test the building for anything that could be causing a few of us to come down with cancer. Hell I feel if there is something we should advertise it and nobody will ever run for office against us. Just kidding you should know by now to never take me seriously all the time. But just to put everyones mind at easy I feel it is money well spent. Besides we had many polital candidates in our Union Hall while they were campaigning and looking for money which can pollute any air space.

    Thank you all again for keeping Sharon and Keith in your prayers.