Colon Cancer Stage 4, Obstruction and dealing with Chemo/Nutrition


My boyfriend of 5 years was diagnosed with Colon Cancer a year ago. Long story short, he started the chemo 2 months ago. The issue is that he cannot eat, even full liquids diet cause him cramping that last 24 hours, comes in waves and are really painful. So the Dr. put him on TPN which causes some other side effects. He is loosing weight rapidly and I am worried. Scarier that that isthat every time we visit with a Dr. they dont seem to know how to deal with an obstruction during chemo that prevents a patient from eating. We are DESPERATE TO FIND SOMEONE THAT HAS GONE THROUGH THIS. We kno a lot of survivors, but none had this specific issue and how they dealt with it. 


What the Dr's say: They still give hi GasX ad prilosec. None of that helps. Is it a waiting game to see if the chemo will work? Or are we at a dead end? I also wonder about ADHESIONS. What if the obstruction are from adhesions and the obstruction will no go away with the chemo? 


Anyone that knows anyone that has had experience with Colon/ intestinal cancer, please r4each out to me. Much appreacited.



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    Hi and welcome

    Have any tests been done to determine exactily what is the cause of the pain? 

    They should be able to do an ultra sound or x-ray or colonoscopy to determine if there is a blcokage.

    Sometimes it takes going to ER in pain and demanding admission to get the wheels rolling for an exact cause and solution.

    One of our members suffered at length from a constipation blockage and only a hospital stay with much effort got it unblocked.

    Pain meds are often the cause of constipation.

    Hope that resolution is found soonest.

    Marie who loves kitties

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    Dear Friend,

    A good friend of mine had constant obstructions right after surgery. Unfortunately for home they found other rumors in his small intestines causing the problem. Now he is only 32 and this is very rare. The obstruction can be physical like adhesions or hard stool blocking the way. Or funnctional when the intestines cannot do their movement to pass the content. They have to take a CT with contrast and they should see which one it is. Colonoscopy can only go to the upper end of the large intestines as far as I know, but the blockage can be in the small intestines.

    demand answers because this cannot go on for too long. I wish you two quick resolution.