pnet found in brother

Hello, my name is lauren. I have a brother whom is 25 years old. After being sick in the hospital for two weeks with what we thought was spinal meningitis. We found out it was worse. after mris, ct scans, and a spinal tap the doctors found lesions on his spine and neck. Of coarse in order to diagnose him they wanted to do a biopsy. He agreed to it. After the biopsy, we were told they were tumours; malignant tumours. After the long wait of getting the results back we were told it is pnet. We also found out that the tumours are wrapped around in his spine.  After the biopsy, he could not walk alone or put pressure on right leg. Neurologist told us it was because the inflamation from his biopsy. The oncologist said it was because the tumor was growing. It is his second day of being diagnosed with cancer. Going on third week of being sick and we finally have an answer. My question is; how anyone else been through this type of cancer. What happened at far as treatment and what is the outcome now.   Im just scared and want to know someone out there with this cancer made it out. He is a loving and sweet person and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. God bless you all and thanks for any info you can give me and my family; esp my brother.