I can finally exhale

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Flew to Mayo today with my brother and we both had clean scans! BCBS denied another PET so I had to go with CTs of chest and neck. The doctor even called them but their new policy is PETs within 6 months of tx otherwise only if CT indicates concern.  I've had so many PET scans already and was surprised at how many they allowed me in the past.  I will continue to have CT scans every 3 months.  Saw the ENT here in STL last week and he said my fistula was considerably smaller (surgery was the first week of February). Will give it 6 more weeks and then when down to pinpoint he may need to do small surgery to close. i am ok with that.  Feeling optimistic and enjoying the good news....it's been awhile in coming.

My brother had two primary cancers, lung and kidney, caught early. He is just a few weeks away from the clean in five milestone :-)


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    Hearing this kind of news

    Hearing this kind of news never gets old! Congratulations.

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    You have been through so much........

    This is such great news a Double NED. You have been through so much but still keep your spirits up and your fighting gloves on. Glad your brother gets the FIVE YEAR mark as he too has been through so much as well. 

    May all your tomorrows be better than today.


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    Great news.

    Thanks for sharing.



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    awesome !

    Wow, I'm so excited for you and your brother !  PET vs CT'S have been an issue w/insurance companies forever.  Ugh....wonder if it was one of their own if it would make a difference ?  Though I have read that CT'S are a bit easier on our poor beat up selfes.  I'll be keeping you in my prayers for continued healing.  Please let us know when the surgery (possibly) will be.  NED love the sound of it !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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    Doing the happy dance for you

    Doing the happy dance for you both. Praying they continue.


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    Hi hwt

    I had the same thing with BCBS , every time I went to MD Anderson they wanted a PET scan and MRI. That is just a little over $12,000. Bucks a hit every 6 months, so finally they said no more I can do a CT a Pet or an MRI but not all of them together.

    Glad to see a little good news coming to you.


    Tim Hondo

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    Great News

    Anytime we can beat or at least keep the beast at bay is just so wonderful.  Each sucessive clear scan makes it more likely the next one will be clean also.  I do believe that keeping each other in our thoughts and sharing our concerns is good medical practice and helps us all.  Part of the battle is keeping a good attitude and the ability to fight on, knowing that others care, realy care helps us all do that.  Nonthing but wishes for cotinuing great news.

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    good news


    Two good doctor appointments, that’s a great start to your “spring cleaning”.


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    Candi....I am thrilled for you...

    YES!!!  Time to exhale.  It's been a long old road, but you made it. 


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    candi, i'm so glad to hear

    candi, i'm so glad to hear some good news for you.  you deserve it.  its great that you and your brother are doing well.  sorry to hear you may need another surgery though.  I also had a fistula so I know what you're feeling.  Hopefully it will close without the need.  keeping you in my prayers.  be sure to let us know.

    God bless you,


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    Wonderful, awesome news!!!!!

    Wonderful, awesome news!!!!! So very happy for you