Hubby is Home - Wow I'm on the other side

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Hubby is home and thank you all once again for your prayers and thoughts.  This is so different being on this side of things when being a caregiver instead of being a patient.  I'm sure that me being a patient wasn't very easy as I'm so emotional anyway, but being on this side of things is totally different.   The doctor says he is doing well and is pleased with the outcome, however his blood pressure is high and we need to get a doctor appointment this week to change his BP meds.  Glad he is home and feeling better just by sleeping in his own bed.  He actually got to go to Palm Sunday Mass today.  Just was surprised because this is a longer Mass than usual.  He ate today for the first time in 3 days so think that he overdid it because his stomach hurts now.  Sometimes taking it slow is better, but he was thinking it sounds so good and I'll go for it.  Poor guy - he feels not well now.  Tomorrow I'll step in and say - slow down Wink.  I'm so happy he is home and thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers.

Hugs!  Kim


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    Kim, so glad

    I'm so glad things went well with hubby, sorry I hadn't been on board much (been in a bit if pain lately) and missed out on a few things.

    Nothing but the most positive of thoughts sent you and your hubby on his surgery and outcome of it.

    Will be thinking of you both and prayers sent to the powers that be.


    Winter Marie

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    Home is good

    Glad to hear that hubby is home.  After not eating for a while, very small meals more often is better for the body than a big meal...but of course you know that from your own experiences.

    Yes, being a caregiver gives us a very different view.  I know it did for me when I was caring for sister.

    Hope that BP is gotten under control soonest and his recovery is a smooth and easy one...on him and you.

    Hugs and prayers for you both.

    Marie who loves kitties