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lurker.  Litte back ground. My wife was diagnosed with Stage IIIA CRC.  Stupid lymphnodes.  Anyways, we went throught the whole chemo/rad then surgery then FolFox.  Well we had our two year CT scan to make sure nothing was going on.  I guess what.  Nothing is!!!!!!!  Still NED after two years.  I know we still got a long haul ahead of us, but like most we take the victories where we can get them.  So, I celebrated and had a Coke.  I gave them up years ago.... Tasted good too.  I still think about and pray for all on here.  You folks provide such comfort to those going through this and us caretakers.  Bless you all.


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    Great news indeed, wonderful to hear and each good story helps a lot.  

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    Welcome dd3

         I am glad to hear that both your wife and yourself ( cancer is nearly always a shared journey) are doing well. I wish you  both continued good health and a cancer free future. Ron. stage 3c ,cancer free since Jan 1998.

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    It's funny how we still see

    It's funny how we still see junk food as a celebration.  I recently had a root beer!  So ridiculously delicious. Congrats on the NED.  We're in the same circumstance, stupid lymph nodes!  lol  Two years and counting.  Wooo hooo.

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    That is great news.

    That is great news.

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    Here's to more cokes in your future!


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    That is wonderful news!

    That is wonderful news!  I will continue to hope and pray for clean scans!

    More Coke celebrations to come!

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    Things go better...

    Great, congratulations. Just stay on the wagon.  A coke habit, either kind, is very dangerous.Wink