hi Jon,

     I'm so sorry I haven't answered right away, I just got very busy.  I am so glad you did well with B/R, think you know that Bill did also, but does'nt seem to be the case with some.  We researched and even emailed 2 docs in Germany and one in WI about him getting a stem cell transplant and they all suggested not to.  We opted not to, but of course that is your decision.  As you probably already know too, he relapsed 2 yrs. after going into remission and is now on the newly released target drug Ibrutinib.  He is back in remission and doing very well.  MCL is being actively researched and there is much more out there than just a few years ago.  We are so glad you are in remission.  There is a webinar in May through the Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF).  If you can't find it, I can send you the info.  Notice that I started a new thread as the one you used is old and your post was a little hard to find.  You probably typed in Mantle Cell in the subject, which I also did at first but there are so few that the general lymphoma forum is much more active thus there is more support.  So my best to you and I am always monitoring, so will always be available for support.

Many thoughts,