Xeloda--red spots on skin?

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I have been taking Xeloda and I have a number of little red blotchy spots in differnt places:  arms back of hand, legs, one ankle,etc.  They do not hurt or itch .  I had a dermatology consult and the Dr thought it was probably from Xeloda , as did my onc.  The Xeloda is also making my freckles big and ugly and I think there or more of them.


has anyone had a similiar side effect?




  • mp327
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    I really can't comment based on my own experience, as I did not take Xeloda.  I hope your issues are nothing serious and I hope your doctors are keeping a close eye on things.


  • lp1964
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    Dear Friend,

    I did have the so called hand and foot syndrome from Xeloda. The best product I found was Bio-oil 3-4 times a day. If your skin start cracking and pealing you can consider lowering the dose a little.

    Good luck.