Has any one else had breathing problems after treatment? Like radiation to the chest can that cause lung problems? I had breathing test done but they said nothing was wrong every thing came back good but I still can't breath I take my inhaler but it don't work.


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    My memory is not great (or even fair) but did I respond to this same question from you a year or so back ? The only reason I ask is that I don't want to bore you with repeating myself.

    Generically, Bleomycin is notorious for causing lung impairment. Radiation I have never had and am unfamiliar with. Curious: Why does you doc have you on an inhaler if he sees nothing wrong ?

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    Katie - my wife had 21 sessions of radiation for breast cancer several years ago. I asked if it affected her breathing and she says no. Hope that helps a bit. Start feeling better soon! Time will help. All my best.