A good day!

Hello Sisters!  I have been having a bad time this last week, and you have been there and I so appreciate it.  I just wanted to share a couple of my little miracles with you and hopefully share a smile.  Yesterday I had to go into the lab for tests and was DREADING it after the week I've had, can barely stand to be touched, and could barely walk.  It has been taking 3-4 tries to get a line in this last month, so we are going to install a port, but it isn't there yet, and I needed these tests so.....  Dread.  Well, I ended up with this wonderful male nurse, with a smile that could light up a room, and a beautiful accent, and he slipped the needle in on the first try!!  I told him he was my angel for the day, that I was so grateful for his talent, and hoped the rest of his day was as wonderful as he had just made mine.  Then got up this morning, after my husband letting me sleep to 8 a.m. (the last time I slept to 8 a.m. was at lest 40 years ago, before my kids were born!!) to find that the steroids had started to kick in a little already.  The swelling was down on my feet enough that I didn't feel I had to ice pack them before I could make it to the bathroom.  YAY!!!  The sun is shining and I am so aware of how important very small miracles can be.  I am also so thankful for all of you, and hope there are small miracles sprinkled in everyone's day today!! 


  • ConnieSW
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    3 cheers

    I'm so glad that things are on an upturn for you.  I hope tomorrow is as good or better

  • nempark
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    So happy for you!!!!

    May our wonderful Creator of all living things continue to let you see the sun shining and make you well enough to engoy every little blessing from above.  Keep feeling well.

  • AWK
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    Yay! So glad for you!

    I have had you on my mind and was hoping it would turn around!  Hugs!

  • Double Whammy
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    AWK said:

    Yay! So glad for you!

    I have had you on my mind and was hoping it would turn around!  Hugs!

    Great news!

    Do happy to hear something good from you.  I hope it continues. 


  • survivingsu
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    Keep on keeping on!

    How wise you are to focus on the little miracles of the day!  That is a great way to face each day, and it may well be that the little miracles grow into bigger ones.

    Keep on shining!