Scared and frustrated

Hi, where to start.  A couple years ago I noticed a bump on my left clavicle. It wasnt hard but it was big. I went to my pcp and he said it may be a fatty tumor so he sent me for a cat scan. Cat scan showed a nodule in my left lung and  somewhere else in my neck, the lump on my clavical was diagnosed as a lapoma < spelling?   Anyways I was sent to a pulmonologist because of asthma and put on an inhaler and i believe prednisone.  I didnt care for the doctor so i stopped going to him. This was in 2012  A while later I developed the most obscene itch in my scalp! I would have my boyfriend pull my hair because if i scratched anymore I would draw blood. the itch finally went away.  The lump on my clavicle did not.  Ive suffered night sweats i chalked up to menopause even though i went through it back in 2004. Recently i caught the flu which turned into pneumonia. I was sick as a dog. I also developed a rash all over my torso - i wasnt on any meds or anthing to cause it.  After feeling better I was getting ready for work one morning when I thought i was having a heart attack. My chest felt like someone was putting a knife through it into my back and i couldnt breath. After a trip to the ER and a cat scan they said I had pluerisy and also was really concerned about the nodule in my lung (i had actually forgotton about it) My chest still feels like someone is sitting on it.   They said they didnt like the looks of it and my lung is also showing broken glass as they put it. They also said the cat scan shows a hernia. Im wondering if its another growth.  Which brings me to now..I finally got an appointment with a thorasic surgeon and he is sending me for a pet scan. Hodgkins came up in the conversation with him and I have been doing some research on it. The more i look back the more I think Ive overlooked symptoms that i thought were nothing. Oh and a recent conversation about my lump on my clavical with my primary..his comment was "lets not open a can of worms"   Im sorry but shouldnt this can be open?


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    See doctors

    Hi missy zee,

    You should go on seeing doctors until they find out what is your trouble.