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a cancer pt on FB had said that radiation had burned her throat up so bad that her doctors told her she would never swallow again and be on peg feedings the rest of her life.  she did some research and found a doctor who gave her other options and much hope.  Well, he was able to repair her throat and now she can swallow and eat.  So, i wanted to share this doctor for those of you who can't swallow.  Perhaps he can help you also.  He is in CA but if he can make you swallow again, it would be worth it.  Good luck and if anyone does see him, please let us know what you thought of the him and if he is able to help you.


Dr. Damrose at Palo Alto California Stanford hospital his number is 650-723-5381


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    Thank you for sharing............

    I think I might have met him tho he was not on the team that did my surgery at Stanford. Dr Damrose is amazing and a great doctor as well. At one point when my prosthesis was leaking he is one of very few Dr that do a special suture to fix the problem. As luck would have it, my problem was solved by the SLP that is in the same office. The staff and doctors are amazing there, and they make you feel that only you matter. They have never talked down to me, they talk with me and listen to what I say to them. You do not get that kind of treatment in many places, but you do there.