Finished my chemo 1 year ago today.

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Don't know when NED starts. For me when I finished my treatment a year ago which lasted for 10 months. Lot of things happened since last April. I went back to wor full time really enjoying being productive again. Although my colostomy gives me a lot of grief, I feel pretty healthy most of the time. I think about the cancer at least a few times a day: how it was and what if it returns. My plan is to do more clinical training and teaching and do less clinical work in the future. I'd like to spen more time with my wife doing this.

i wish continued health for my friends in remission and strength and faith for the one still fighting.



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    have a green beer!

    Happy Anniversary, Laz!  congrats on one year post-treatment-withoutanyrecurrence. In case we're not using the word NED yet...

    Saint patrick's day is your anniversary? Wel, celebrate. And congrats on being back to work full time.



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    Congrats Laz!

    I think it's a good idea to balance work with family time. Yes, stay productive, work is a blessing.


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    Congratulations on 1 year. i

    Congratulations on 1 year. i hope that is the first and last time you have to do chemo.

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    Top of the evening to you mate and glad you are here posting and celebrating.  Happy St. Patty's Day and congratulations on your path and inspiration that you have given this board.  Thanks for being such a positive person and helping all that you do.


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    Wow Laz - I remember when you first logged on and sent a message.

    Great to hear this. 

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    G'day Laz

        Most of us take our no cancer date from the time it is surgically removed, but does it really matter. Every time you have a test that finds no cancer, then it's time to be happy. Congratulations on surviving the end of chemo abandonment. A lot of survivors find it extremely hard going from being prodded poked and infused on a regular basis to being cut loose, on your own ect. I didn't mind after chemo I was happy to search for my life again. Sure there were the six monthly scans and the blood tests and the scope where the sun don't shine every twelve months. I have always said that surviving survival is not easy and it isn't. It really is something that you have to work at. A lot of people no longer see you as you are , they think that cancer changes you. It does but only if you let it. Stay well mate and enjoy a long and happy life with your wife. Ron.

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    Tremendous news and may every scan and test be free and clear

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    Congrats Laz, I'm now on year

    Congrats Laz, I'm now on year two and things are getting better and better.  I have whole days where I don't think about cancer at all.  Keep on trucking!  It will just get better with time.  Nice plans, change is a great thing in life.