Myelocyte Values

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I had my every three months blood work and doc visit today.  While I continue to have some of the typical challenges to recovery, I was told my labs looked pretty good and there was nothing of concern.  I can never quite tell if this makes me paranoid or actively involed in my care, but I always look at my lab reports after and look up anything outside the normal ranges and ask questions next time if there is something I'm concerned about or don't understand.  Most of the time it's the usual stuffs - blood counts continuing to rebound after chemo, liver enzymes slightly elevated as my body continues to purge the chemo - things of that nature.

Today, however, there was a new anomally that I never saw flagged which gave me some concern.  The myelocyte value was 1 (normal range is 0).  I wasn't particularly worried when I went to look that up since it seemed like a small difference, but then I found that this isn't supposed to be in your blood sample AT ALL and short of a raging infection, was most often associated with leukemia (most often attributed to cancer treatment radiation and scans).

After a not so minor panic attack, my doc finally called me back and said yes, they saw the number but they weren't concerned.  That my body is still replacing and rebuilding after crashing so hard during chemo and even a year later it's not unexpected to see things amiss.  A "1" is very low and while they will continue to watch it as part of my routine care, there is nothing to be concerned about there and all my other values look great.

So I guess my question is are any of you familiar with myelocyte values, had them elevated, or had your doctor discuss anything associated with them?  Not that I doubt the opinion of my doctor, I'm just looking for any additional information.  Thank you!