Kaleena--- OMG Can't believe you took the time to enlighten us.

Kaleena, thank you so much for taking the time to update Kumar and myself.  You have given me so much hope.  I can't believe that you had soft tissue mass for many years.  Thank you so much for sharing.  Also I can't believe you had three pet scans in one year.

I really do hope that you do not have to have surgery and your stent is stable.  I know for sure that the professionals are really well equipped with the stent procedures.  Hope every thing goes well with you Kaleena and thank you once again for the time you spent explaining to us.  This helps alot.  The lump in my throat has subsided.  Be well.


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    You are most welcome,

    You are most welcome, Nempark:

    I know how stressful reading those darn reports are.   I have had several soft tissue masses.   One (calling it a recurrence) in 2009 was biopsied and tested positive.  However, after surgery, it was negative but a lymph node removed had microscopic cells.  Although the mass that I have now was biopsied, I think they only biopsied the posterior part.  The anterior part is where the PET scan lights up and the only way to test that area would be to remove it.   They are not in a hurry to do that as it would be major surgery with many risks and as long as it is stable we are just doing the wait and see approach.   I will get another scan in 8 months unless some problems arise.

    With the stent now, I need outpatient surgery every 3 months.   And now with this displaced stent, I may need to go in earlier than that.  I still haven't heard from my urologist.  She usually calls after 5.  If she doesn't call today, I will call her office tomorow.   I don't want this thing blocking my kidney anymore than it is.

    But in the meantime, I have been more active and getting out more.  Having better weather really helps.

    Anyway, Kumar, I am sending you hugs!



    P.S.  I think you can see me glow!

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    Doctor did mention that she needs to do PET Scan in June 15.


    Thanks Kumar