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It's been awhile since my last post. My mom has stage IV mets to the liver and peritoneum. She was NED for a little while after she finished Folfox and Avastin.  Her cea started climbing from 4 to 37 in 5 weeks so oncologist started Folfieri and Erbitux. She is doing great still works full time. As I sat there with her yesterday  I suddenly got very scared and sad. What happens after this treatment? If her cea starts to go up and tumors become active again then what. She can't be on chemo forever plus I know she's tired of it herself but is too strong to let on,but as her daughter I know. She is not a candidate for liver resection or ablation because of the peritoneum being affected. Anyway just wanted to vent Im glad this forum is here . Thank you. 


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    Welcome back

    I wish your news was a little better, but alas, us Stage IV's just can't seem to stay away from the chemo. 

    I know how hard it is to look at 'chemo for life'. There were times when I said that I would never do it, and then, but when I had the liver tumour, I knew I would do it if I had to (so far I don't), because the will and desire to live out-weighs the crappyness of chemo. 

    I don't know your mum's age, or state of mind, but even if she is struggling, I bet she still has fight in her to carry on. I hope she does, if it is the right thing for her. I met a gentleman once who told me he struggled on for his children, but he just wanted to give up. My heart broke for him, because I think its should really be a personal desicion to fight or to pass on the torch. 

    You come and vent any time you wish. Thats what this forum is here for. We are here for you. Of course, we're not going to take the pain away, but just having somewhere to roam and moan can lift you. 

    Hugs to your mum.

    Sue - Trubrit


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    chemo forever

    She can't be on chemo forever... 

    Well, actually she maybe can.   The trick is to find a regimen that suppresses the mets and yields a higher quality of life.   There have been several variations discussed on the boards: ADAPT - xeloda + celebrex; xeloda+several off label drugs; IV vitamin C + nutrient ameliorated chemo (ADAPT, FOLFIRI, UFT+CIM+...).   Maintenance of WBC, RBC, and platelet count is a major factor, addressed both in the chemo and nutrients.  Life Extension articles discuss some of the off-label drugs and nutrients.

    My wife (60s) is approaching straight five years on daily immune/chemo treatments that are not-so-low dose without all the usual side effects, plays the piano for her friends, and has been planting a garden and orchard lately.  We started early on less conventional treatments, in part because I felt she would do worse than average on side effects (and results) with normal chemo alone.


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    That's a big jump

    Sorry for the climb in CEA and for her having to endure chemo again.  I'm stage 4, NED as far as I know (last scan was Last July) but have been told if I don't keep up with chemo that I'll be back in the same boat.  I've also been told I'm not a candidate for surgery and am not sure what chemo alone will do for us, but so far I've had great results.  I hope the new regimine for your mom gets her back in shape.  Sending healing energy her way.

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    Thank you everyone for your

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. I'm just scared. My mom is so strong and I'm so proud of her. She shows no fear going through all of this. She has 3 treatments left in this round of chemo. I just hope and pray for the best. As I said she still works full time during all of her treatments. She is old enough to retire at 65 but works for other reasons. She needs the social interaction I guess especially after my dad passed in 2012. I wish everyone here to be strong and keep fighting. Cancer sucks my love goes out to everyone dealing with it.