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Well, just when we think we are in the clear, another hiccup!  Three years ago this week we were in ICU with Jim's surgery for his jaw cancer.  In January he had surgery to remove 2 small spots that turned out to be a recurrence of his sarcoma, but were told that all spots were gone and all was good.  Last week, his radiation oncologist realized that the surgeon did not remove both spots as we were originally told.  Additionally, upon further scan, a third spot on his left lung has been found.  

We are really debating the best course of treatment.  We really don't want the first surgeon operating on him again, since he didn't do a thorough job in the first place (in our opinion).  Radiation has been recommended, but we are unsure this is the best route to take.  So...we have decided to go to the Sarcoma specialists at MD Anderson, since they see this diagnosis more often.  We go on the 27th and will be there a week.  Can you hear the chains on the roller coaster clicking as we go back up?  I can!





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    Hi Tracey


    I agree go to MD Anderson, I wish I would have done that with my first treatment. But I like a lot of others did not know much about cancer so I let little city doctor kill me with radiation, and then find out later none of them ever treated someone with my type cancer


    All the best to you both.


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    darn, Tracey, this is like a

    darn, Tracey, this is like a kick in the gut but you will make it through this.  I've heard/read many, many good things about MD Anderson so I think you're making a good decision.  i'm sorry you have to travel this road again but there are others, me included, who have done it and are here today to tell about it.  So, please, take a little time to let it sink in and then get into "fight" mode and prepare for battle.  Try to stay strong and positive.  A good attitude really does help.  I'll keep you and your hubby in my prayers.

    God bless you,


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    You're doing the right thing. MDA has an excellent reputation. Hopefully you'll get the answers you need quickly. You are in my prayers. 

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    Have to agree MDA would be your best choice

    Sarcoma specialists at MD Anderson is what I would choose if it were me. The first should have taken both out at same time, and IF you do go to him, it should be No charge for anything. It was his falt, but go to MDA and see if they can bill him for his mistake. Get the insurance on this to see if they can force him to cover all expences.


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    So sorry to hear this Tracey.

    So sorry to hear this Tracey. MDA sounds like the best place to go. It is frustrating but as Hondo said, at first we do not know enough to pick the right doctor or facility. My prayers are with you.  Debbie


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    Right place

    I'm really sorry to hear about the spots on the lungs. Third spot is known to be cancer or suspected based on the others? Either way, going to MDA puts him in the hands of experts so they will sort out the best options. Hopefully, they determine it is not cancer at all! Good luck, Don

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    Team Approach

    MDAnderson and Cleveland Clinic, etc use a team approach which I think is totally the best way to go.  Local docs can be excellent and many do a great job of coordinating and do offer a very personal apporach.  Still for second time around I would follow your lead and try a place like MDAnderson.  Best of luck.