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I had laryngeal, stage 4 cancer, finished with chemo and rads 2 years ago, neck disection Dec. of '13.  For the past 8 months or so, once or twice a week I get dizzy/light-headed and nauseaous, usually along with a sharp pain in my jaw or side of my face.  I've had 2 MRIs of brain and neck, chest x-rays, all check-ups NED.  The docs say this might be from radiation and don't seem concerned, but I'm worried since this comes on fast and anytime/anyplace.  Has anyone experienced this?  What did you do, if anything


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    Hi dgg

    I have dizziness due to radiation damage of the Carotid Artery. My blood pressure goes from 201/125 down to 70/40 is a second and when it does I will hit the floor. It is very hard for my heart doctor to keep me on blood pressure meds because of this. Have them checked they are right in your neck on both sides. The pain gets worse every year from the damage of the radiation; we call it the gift that just keeps giving.

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    Pain and dizziness

    Light-headed, nauseious, with a sharp pain in the jaw sounds suspiciously like a heart/cardio related issue. Has anyone considered that?

    If there is no direct evidence related to cancer, time to look at other systems.

    I don't know your age or when you last had a full physical - but it's something you should consider. I'd make an appointment with a cardiologist sooner rather than later. Best to eliminate that as an issue.

    - Jeff