First Post Treatment PET

Hubby had his first PET last week (2 weeks shy of 6 months post treatment) at MDA and it came back with no lights.  His scattered <3mm lung nodules appear to just be the way his lungs are as they come and go continuously, so the thorasic guy said he's just a nodule-y person and not to worry about those.  All good news!  Next appointment is a CT in three months.

Hope you are all enjoying your daylight savings time hangovers as much as I am.


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    post PET



    Congratulations on the new NED normal! 

    Keep swallowing and be happy.



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    Wow, That is great news..... That's a NED

    Wow what great news for you both to hear. Just great for him and for you, wonderful and so much worring is over. Just look at all the new terms and acronyms you got to learn you never new about.  NED; PET; IMRT, chemo (Cisplatin, docitaxel, 5FU) and most you never want to hear again, except NED, Clear PET, and it's gone.

    You both went down that long and bumppy road and fought the beast, and did so well whipping it. For so long I would say, just one day at a time. Now is the time you get all yours tomorrows. May they all be NED and better than today.


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    lump, i'm doing a happy dance

    lump, i'm doing a happy dance in honor of your hubby.  i love to hear this kind of news.  it "makes me feel like dancig...........I wanna dance the night away"  congrats on the wonderful news.

    God bless you,


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    Congrats on the good report.

    Congrats on the good report. Praying they continue.  Debbie