3 years ago today....

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was the day my life changed for what I thought might be forever....but not so.  I was diagnosed March 5, 2012.....what a mind blower that was! 

So today I had an ENT appointment, and he looked down my gullet, and checked out my vocal coads, checked my mouth and said....every thing looks great!  Then as he backed up he said...."YOU look terrific!!"....I just smiled and told him that this was the anniversary of the bad news day.  He gave me a big hug and said...."well, I told you that NPC wasn't what was going to kill you....and I still believe that"....

Merry birthday....sort of...to ME....ha!




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    Happy birthday, anniversary,

    Happy birthday, anniversary, or whatever you want to call it! 

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    So glad you got good news todat.  That's something to definitely celebrate!

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    Happy "Re-birthday P51"

    and many, many more. josh r.

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    BIG HIGH FIVES! You are over the hump. Clear road ahead. Now. No more scaniexty.  :) 

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    3 yera ago today was the 21st time I wore my mask



    Ever since you crawled in a pocket, did a jig in the kitchen or displayed your dog upside down, I knew you would check out right.

    More good days for you.



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    A day you never forget.....

    Congratulations........... You now can add this day as well as one to never forget.

    However there are so many days, others won't forget as well. The many times you have had such kind words to the Newbee's and always there with cheer and support. I know I won't forget them.........


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    P!  I'm shocked, you didn't

    P!  I'm shocked, you didn't hang on the fan before this appointment!!  have you finally got control of your nerves at check-up time???  anyway, i'm so happy for your good news!  happy day to you.  here's to many, many more!  absolutely celebrating with you on this!!!

    God bless you,


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    Happy "B" day

    Happy B day phrannie!!!....congrats and wish you many more!

    Hopefully I am going to follow in your footsteps....I plan to


    Happy B Day


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    I was right behind you Phrannie

    April 4th, 2012 I got a trach put in April 10th. Tumor near the epiglottis into the lymph nodes locally. 

    I said to myself "My life as I know it is over!" I was wrong! Pretty much back to normal but as we all know it is a long healing process.

    Now getting scoped by my ENT every 4 months. Not sure if they will schedule another scan this year?

    Cheers! Smile

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    Hey P !

    You truely are a breath of fresh air here.  Congrads on the all CLEAR !!!!  Big hugs sent your direction !  Katie

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    Thanks for sharing the good news and for giving us hope for ourselves!  Here's to many more healthy and happy years ahead...Wink

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    Good on Ya!
    Yeah, we survivors need to celebrate the important anniversaries like this one, to remind ourselves and others that there can be life after cancer--just not the exact same one you had before it ;).

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    very good

    I am 3 years in Jan what a ride. Its all down hill now. I am fat lazy and "HAPPY"

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    At A Girl

    Go Phrannie Go

    Like Matt, 5 years ago I was putting on my mask every day. March 30th my last day of being zapped will be here soon and I plan on pulling my mask out for the first time since that day 5 years ago.

    I plan on celebrating for the rest of my life. My surgeon told me he can assure me I am going to die but it ain't going to be from throat cancer.

    Merry Birthday!!!!!!!


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    Happy Birthday

    Three years! Very cool. Happy Birthday for sure, Phrannie, and wishes for many more.


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    Best wishes for the rest of your life

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    Grandmax4 said:


    Best wishes for the rest of your life


    for a lovely lady!

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    Guzzle said:


    for a lovely lady!

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!


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    Congrats Phrannie. May you

    Congrats Phrannie. May you celebrate many birthdays.    Debbie