Lymphedema Getting Some Recognition Now!

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Actor Kathy Bates has been speaking publicly about the lymphedema she recently acquired in both arms from a double mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis. It's sad that she too must suffer from this, but encouraging to me that we have such a fantastic advocate for lymphedema awareness and research.

Kathy has gotten involved with the Lymphedema Education & Research Network and has kicked off a campaign called the "Face of Lymphedema Challenge."

Many of us who suffer from lymphedema do our best to conceal it, but it's time more people knew about this dreadful condition. I wish I'd known about the disease and its multiple causes before I had my uterine cancer surgery.

By the way, this Friday (March 6) is National Lymphedema Awareness Day - and this following was distributed today announcing that Kathy Bates has been honored by New York state legislators for her advocacy:

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