2 year old sarcoma? pls urgent response


 Dh and I have 4 kids. Our 3rd baby S.age turned 2 in January.

I around the 20th I noticed a lump on her upper right shoulder. The next morning at 9am she was at the dr and then at 10 30 in getting and ultrasound. The ultrasound said a lump and was in the muscle (likely to be a lipoma).


Then we got reffered to a specialist where he organised and urgent mri at childrens hospital.


He called me the day after the mri and said “the mri didny show us much but I am meeting with the oncologist team tomorrow and childrens hospital” (im thinking wtf). The next day he calls me and said “I havr met with the oncologist team and we are thinking it is something called a sarcoma and she is booked in for a PET scan on the 3rd of March”


As soon as I got off the phone I googled sarcoma and all this cancer stuff pops up and I start freaking out.


I rang straight back and got an urgent app with him sp dh and I can ask questions and get mote info.


He said yes we do think it is cancer and are doing the pet scan to see if theres any other hot spots.


My head is a spinning. Is this really happening?


I just want to ask. He wouldnt say the words ‘sarcoma and cancer’ unless he was 80% sure would he? I mean hes mey with the oncologist team at the children’s hospital so that must be what he is thinking, do you think?. So we shpupd be pretty concerned right now?.


He also said they have ruled out lipoma hemangioma s and cysts. He said it is butting right up against the bone and pushing the miscle fibres to the side.


Im just a little confused…