Saying hello

Doing much better, still have issues with my eyes. Being runny and blurred vision. And still losing weight despite eating, down to 112 now. Have the peg but not using it, eating on my own. Seeing Doc on the 10th about getting it out. I think I will do better once it is out. 

Getting scans in April to see if all clear, but have the NED from ENT so not really worried. Brother is progressing well, and so is my Mama, I think we will all beat our cancers. 

Sta warm and well. prayers and hugs, Kritter


  • MrsBD
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    Good news

    It's good to hear you and your family are doing so well. Wow! How many families go through a triple play like yours? I hope you had a great time celebrating Mardi Gras. 

  • wmc
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    Glad to hear your brother is responding well and your mother as well. 

    Isn't NED just a great word. You are now on the road to recovering and it is a slow road but much less bumps. 

    Enjoy all your tomorrows......................


  • jim and i
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    Great news, praying for NEDs

    Great news, praying for NEDs all round.


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    kritter, i'm glad you seem to

    kritter, i'm glad you seem to be doing ok and your attitude is great.  very happy to hear your brother and mom are doing well.  i am praying for all three of you and like you, i think you all are going to kick cancer's butt!!!  thanks for the update on all, take care and God bless you all.  You have a lot on your plate and I truly hope it gets better real soon!!!


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    My dodtor wouldn;t take it

    My dodtor wouldn;t take it out until I started to gain weight so started eating anything that would gain it plus those big power drinks with lots or protien and cals,,,

  • Hondo
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    Hi Kritter

    Glad to hear the good news and will continue praying that your April Scan keeps Mr. Ned by your side. It’s been very cold here down in the south so I know how bad it must be for people up north, but Spring is just over the next hill. So that give us all something to look forward too.


    Tim Hondo