March is kidney Cancer Awaress Month


Hi guys.  I am popping around the Internet reminding people that March is Kidney Cancer Awareness month. Some may have already seen my post in other places. But his year March 1- March 31 I am proposing that we kidney Cancer survivors, patients, and caregivera start an awareness campaign on Facebook. If you have Facebook and would like to join please change your profile and cover photo to anything kidney cancer related. In some of the facebook groups I am in I posted ideas.  I know not everyone has Facebook and not everyone feels comfortable enough to post about their Cancer on Facebook but if you would like to join us please do.  Also daily I am hoping that we can post an article from reputable site.  I know it's not much but everything starts somewhere.  I know before I was faced with kidney Cancer (RCC)  this year I had never heard much about it. I think we can change that!  Thanks guys hope some will join in.