Surgical glue/Dermabond on your incisions?

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Hello, all -

I had a bilateral mastectomy 3 weeks ago, and my surgeon used surgical glue (also called Dermabond) over the incisions.  He understands and respects my decision not to have any reconstruction, so he used this method instead of sutures in order to give me the best cosmetic result.  He was very clear that it's not a good idea to try to remove the glue, that it should just be allowed to fall off on its own.  

Because the glue is clear and really piled on, you can see lots of dried blood underneath from the surgery, which makes the scars appear very lumpy and very dark reddish brown -- it frightened the heck out of me when I first looked after my surgery.  It looks terrible and Frankenstein-ish, and is so dark that it even shows through light-colored shirts.  At 3 weeks, only a couple of centimeters of glue on each side have fallen off (revealing a glimpse of very thin, smooth scars, which does give me hope).

I know this is temporary, and probably a shallow thing to be complaining about, but it makes it so much harder to get used to looking at my new body.  I was wondering if any of your surgeons used this method, and how long it took for the glue to fall off?

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    Traci -

    First off, hugs to you!  

    My five year anniversary of my BMX is February 25. I was shocked when I came out of surgery and my incisions were glue!  Kind of freaked me out!

    Three weeks is not that long.  It may have been 12 weeks or more before mine started coming off I can't remember exactly but I do remember that it took longer than I thought it should! Frown  Then it kind of came off in little bits ... like rolls.

    My scars were red, raised and bumpy at about 3 months out.  It had nothing to do with the glue it just is the way my body scars.  We all scar differently.  I used silicone strips and it really helped to flatten them.  Some use bio-oil ... there is a plethora of things you can do but you need to wait until there is more healing underneath.  It was at least 12 weeks before I used anything on them.  Call your B.S. if you are especially concerned ... that is what they are there for.

    Glad your through the surgery.  The time you are in now is tough ... adjusting to a new body.  Thinking of you.  In my experience ... what you see is normal but again, talk to your doc if you are especially concerned.  


    Love and hugs!


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    I had the glue too.  ALOT of what you are seeing will come off with the glue!!  A WHOLE LOT!!  Generally, in about a year, after you get tired of checking all the time :) the scars are virtually invisible!  You'll be pleased!


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    I had glue too but it did not

    I had glue too but it did not appear as y'all are saying.  There was no large amount visible or out on adjoining skin.  In fact, I was 'strapped down  with compression/elastic bandage that remained in place until I saw surgeon in a week.  There was no changing it during that time.  I was very surprised when he removed the wrap that there were no sutures visible and that it was just a narrow line that looked 'healed' - no redness/scabs/etc.  Just a narrow fine line/scar.  There were obviously internal sutures that were supposed to dissolve but a few didn't and worked their way out.

    Our Drs are all different in how the do things and our bodies are each unique in how different procedures will be dealt with.

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    bilateral mid 2012 w glue. scar is nearly invisible now

    But it took a while for it to come off. I'd stay in shower for a long time and try to get some to flake off.  It is ugly looking at the beginning . I don't remember how long before all the glue w dried blood was gone so be patient