inspired by you guys - need ur opinion

Hello all. Sorry I haven't been posting lately .i am trying to get back on track, to find a job, get healthy....

I was treated in the best, actually the number 1 hospital in my country. Medically speaking they are veryyyy professional and the staff is amazing. But.. I have noticed that i wasn't approached or accompanied by any psychological help from the hospital. Especially that I was a caregiver, my mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer only a year before my diagnosis. So I felt that there is a missing thing or a missing psychological support.

Plus patients my age are neglected from NGOs , most NGOs work for children cancer patients. So I felt that the young adult cancer patients, the youth, have no support other than the medical team (medically) and their loved ones.

its this forum that made me stronger because I had support from people who understand my pains and struggles , my loved ones were amazing but they were suffering too.


sooo I decided on starting a support group for youth cancer patients in my country. But I don't know where to start from ! I would love to hear ur suggestions and feedback on this. I value your opinion cz your support during my fight inspired me.


wish u all a painless day.. Sending u hugs and smiles.