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I had posted to the breast cancer board but really wanted to get any support or info from this board since it looks like I have a secondary cancer that has spread.

Hello. My name is Brandy and I am 37 years old. I was not sure which boards to post this to but I thought this might be the right one.


Starting in August, I started having problems with my back. I was having a lot of pain so I went to my doctor who tried to adjust me but could not because he was worried about my si  joint being inflamed. Long story short, I have had several mri's that have shown a tumor on the front of my sacrum. I underwent a biopsy to be told that the results showed that it was suggestive of mestastic cancer from the breast or lung. I then went to see a oncologist who said that the cells were abnormal but all my CT scans do not show cancer. 

I then had a follow up with my hematologist that I see for anemia who is also a oncologist. She has ran CT scans and mri of my beasts because I have had swollen lymph nodes and she had felt a lump in my breast before all this happened with my back. Nothing showed. She told me when she got the results from the biopsy that she didn't like the results because they were too vague. She is sending what is left of biopsy and slides to MD Anderson for a second opinion. She also referred me to a new neurosurgeon because my previous one (who said it was cancer) doesn't want to remove the tumor because of the complications of the surgery and my age. It is a complicated surgery since the tumor is on the front part of sacrum. The new Neurosurgeon said that he might do another biopsy and maybe should start radiation.

I have a family history of breast cancer on my mother's side. I have had the genetic testing and all was negative. I do not smoke and they have neve seen anything in my lungs.

I'm just confused and scared about all this. I was looking for other opinions of what I should do or what tests I should insist on.

Thank you all for listening and reading.



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    This is a post from January in regards to my first path report

    my 1st pathology report is that is doesn't talk about triple negative or anything like that. It talks about being immunopositive for cytokeratins (pan-keratin cocktail ae1/ae3. It also says that some of the tumor cells have immunorractivity for cytokeratims 7 but none for ck20or p63 so it suggests orgin for the mestastic tumor from breast or lung primary carcinoma. There are also scattered cd-68immunopositive small history test but the larger suspicious cells are cd68 immunonegative; not macrophages.

    Also, there are no k167 marks but it states that this is unreliable since there was decalified sections.

    I have had CT scans which are clean. They have found no other tumors so there is no primary. 

    So that is why they now want to do a second biopsy that is open plus see what MDA thinks

    I'm so confused. I will say that I have a maternal  aunt who had a bilateral mastectomy  and was hormone receptive. I also have maternal great aunts that have had breast cancer. I have had a biopsy on my left breast which turned out to be a fibroedema. My breast are dense. 

    I then had an open biopsy on my sacrum last Thursday on the 29th of January. I had my surgery last Thursday to remove some of the tumor that was on my sacrum. I have not got the results back yet they said it could be 3 days if they're pathology runs it but if the tumor is calcified again then they will send it to the mayo  clinic which will take about 7 days.the doctor did say that the bone was discolored and he didn't say specifically what that meant but my husband didn't take it like it was something good.I am in quite a bit of pain they have me on several different pain medications and muscle relaxers to try to dull the pain. I have been sleeping a lot which I would assume will probably help with my recovery but as for right now I'm just really anxious to get the test results back and to find out if it is necessary that cancer and if so where the cancers coming from. I'm sure you all remember that they did do CT scans of my chest pelvis and breasts about 2 months ago and they did not find anything when we got the first pathology report from the the needle biopsy that was done so the doctor this time did say that they got he got quite a bit of material or of the tumor out so hopefully we get a bigger picture of what it is. But just keep praying for me and my recovery and I hope that I have some news soon. Thank you all for being so supportive.

    The nuerosurgeon called me yesterday to tell me that the results showed the same as the first.  I kept thinking that with this last biopsy that it was going to be something unusual but not cancer since quite a few specialists that I have seen thought otherwise. Well,open biopsy of tumor on sacrum came back as carcnicoma of breast or lung on slides again for the second time. They had more tissue then just a needle biopsy this time since it was an open biopsy and the neurosirgeon made sure that he got enough tissue. He told me over the phone that surgery to remove this tumor off my sacrum is not going to help. He mentioned radiation and a pet scan since the previous ct scans in December 2014 and August 2014 all came up showing nothing. He also spoke with the oncologist that I have been seeing and I have a appointment today at 1pm.

    My emotionals are all over the place. I am sad, angry, and terrified. Thye dont know where the cancer is. I am only 37 years old. I have a 13 year old and a 15 year old with special needs. I know that everyone on this board feels this but I just keep thinking about how freaking unfair this is. Its just so unfair. How in the world could this spread to my sacrum so fast with no tumors showing on any scans that I have had. I am so frustrated.