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I went to the ER a few nights ago because I was having back spasms and pain in my abdomen that came on suddenly. They did a CT scan without contrast and found a lesion on my kidney. They also noted there was some thickening of the tissue in my kidney. They also found blood in my urine. The ER doctors sent me home with the name of a urologist to follow up with but didn't tell me much more. I have an appointment in a week and a half to be seen. I'm not sure what to expect. I am 28 years old and am perfectly healthy otherwise. Would anyone know what I might expect at the first appointment? 


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    We hope you are in the wrong place


    While blood in the urine and back spasms  and abdominal pains could be signs of Kidney Cancer they could also be a 1000 other things. Being 28 years old you are not a likely Kidney Cancer candidate. Most of us are between 50 and 70 when we were diagnosed.

    Get a copy of your CT report. What does the radiologist suspect? What is the size of the lesion on your Kidney? It could be just a UTI.

    Right now you are in the diagnosis stage and I suspect the doctor wants to rule out Kidney Cancer as you must have heard that term to be on this board.

    The Urologist may do follow up bloodwork and possibly a CT with contrast. Lets hope you are just visiting this board. If we have to see you again we will help you get through this, but you are not there yet.



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    Telling you not to worry would work.  But until they run the tests and scans, you can do nothing about it.  Do try NOT to read about all your ailments and conditions on line though!  All this will do is add to your concern.

    So, in the meantime.  Try hard to relax and live each day like normal.  And when the day of the appt. comes, take a deep breath and a friend or family member and hope for some answers.

    Nothing personal...but hope that we don't see you back here after that appointment! 8-)


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    We just went through this in

    We just went through this in November.  I'm sure your heart is racing and you want answers yesterday. Try to breathe. You'll have an MR I and some blood test. I'm by no means an expert but my husband had a 14cm tumor remove in January, after being told surgery wasn't possible.  You can read our bio if it helps. God bless you with his guidance. 


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    Welcome! About your appointment

    Hi and welcome. 

    At your appointment, your urologist will discuss the findings of your tests with you and show you the CT scan results on the computer.


    He/She will most likely (and you should advocate strongly if they don't) schedule a CT scan WITH contrast. I am not quite sure why they did not do one in the ER at the time, but I'm not a doctor so that's just an opinion.

    Perhaps you could call your urologist before your appointment and ask if you need to have one before the appointment and if not, why. It couldn't hurt. One thing I've learned recently, is that it's absolutely, 100% OK to question your doctors and ask questions as much as necessary. They are used to it. 

    Best of luck to you! Keep us updated so we can support you as needed.