Eyebrows and eye lashes

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I notice that everyone has had hair loss on their head...some have lost all, others just had hair thinning.  Did you also lose eyebrows and eyelashes?

I haven't begin treatment as yet (possibly Xeloda and mitomycin-c), but my hair has been thinning for the last few years .  I am worried that it will all fall out and not grow back.  I have been using Rogaine just on the crown of my head, and my hair is dyed.  I don't know if I will be allowed to continue with the Rogaine and, also, have my roots dyed while on treatment and I wonder how long after.

I really hate the idea of a wig...can you have clip-on pieces?

We are having an extremely cold winter and I have to wear very warm hats and headbands.




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    hair loss

    i lost lots of hair on head but not all....did lose some eyebrow....do not know about eyelashes...did not notice them.... hair loss did not bother me cause it was not painful to lose the hair.....lost all down below..... hugs to you.....sephie

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    Hairly there.

    I didn't technically lose all my hair, though it was really touch and go at the end. The stuff that had fallen out by the handful finally begain to grow again while I still had some representative spikes left, about 3 months post-treatment. I wore my antique straw fedora or baseball caps during this period. (I couldn't attractively tie a scarf to save my life and wasn't interested in a wig.) My brows thinned somewhat and got lighter, so after reading about it, I got a brow pencil ("Clinique Instant Lift For Brows") and dispoable mascara wands to brush it in (the Clinique counter person gave me some). I was careful with the color, so it's very subtle. I look better, but not even my husband can tell why. I didn't notice if lashes disappeared or not. Even now, very few pubic hairs have returned. I should have gotten my legs zapped while I was at it!

    Ask your oncologist and radiation oncologist about continuing with Rogaine and hair dyes. It may not hurt, but you never know about drug interactions. I personally wouldn't have felt like keeping those things up as I was so sick. (5-FU, Mitomycin, radiation.)

    All the best!

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    I was on the Xeloda for 6 weeks, my oncologist gave me a script for a wig and said to fill it before I didnt feel well enough to so I did. She was sure I would loose hair and want the wig, however I was very fortunate since my hair thinned but did not completely fall out. I have generally always had thin hair so it was not that dramatic and I never used the wig. I did loose everything on the lower level but eyebrows and lashes held up.