This all started for me 6mos ago. I was perfectly fine even drove for 3hrs to grandson then boom,diarrhea,vomiting,bloody stools,pain in left lower abdomen. I DIDNT go to Dr or ER for 6mos. I'm only 49,but my brother passed due to colon ca. I had scope due to blockage/size of "tumors" 3mm+ . Came bk benign but tomorrow I do barium enema (3rd try) . ONLY TODAY I FEEL FINE. ALL THOSE ISSUES ARE NO LONGER ISSUES. I feel almost like I could just stop anymore of these NOT FUN tests,and I'll be ok. BUT I know what my colon looks like and that's so weird. Its hard to wrap my brain around all of the changes this "issue" has brought about and NO CLEAR ANSWERS FROM ANYONE. IM SO LOST.


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    Welcome to the board

    Don't stop trying to find out what is going on until you have answers!

    CRC is one of those cancers which can have an inherited likelyhood.

    You don't mention what type of doctor you are seeing.  Have you had a CT and/or PET scan?  That is the usual next step to determine if there is cancer?

    Postponing tests does not resolve the issue.  It prolongs an accurate diagnosis and amps up your fears.

    In your position I would push the doctor for setting up the scans with contrast to determine if cancer.  If negative, then proceed with other testing to determine what it is.  If positive, then you can get a game plan in place to fight it.

    Please let us know how you proceed.

    Wishing you the best outcome.

    Marie who loves kitties