Those with bone mets, please

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Hi all
I did the nephrectomy five months ago and i'm stage two. Since few days ago I've had a pain at the end of spine during nights, I had almost the same pain ten years ago so I did MRI and there was no problem then I changed the bed and the pain vanished. 8 months ago I did another MRI for another reason which showed no problem with my spine. But now the pain has come back and I'm worried it is a symptom of bone mets. I feel the pain at nights but it's not that much which needs a painkiller but makes me awake sometimes, there is no pain during days, I've read bone mets show their first symptoms during patient's rest time.
Those who have bone mets, could you please tell me how the signs and symptoms of bone mets are?



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    have no first-hand


    have no first-hand experience with mets, but have a lot with back ache. My fiance, who had kidney cancer, was having severe sciatica problems this summer, then it dissapeared. Then it came back at the cancer diagnosis time, lasted for 2 weeks, and then dissapeared again. I was very worried it were mets, but doctor said no way if it went away. It happens that you could feel no pain with mets at all, but if you start to feel the pain - it usually doesn't go away without treatment.  His pain was much more severe at night and while lying down. So there are other reasons for pain being worse at night - not only cancer mets, but simply uncomfortable bed, feeling all the strain after being active all day, etc. He has disc herniations, this is what causing his pain. But there could be no obvious reason reported on scans - just normal  wear and tear.

    I'm having back pain from time to time too, always at night only, because of sleeping in uncomfortable position. It awakes me sometimes.

    It is understandable that you are scared. The best way is to monitor the pain for another week or two, and if no changes, report to your doctor. But back pain is sooooo common, and non-metatsatic cause is way more probable. Can you go back in memory and try to figure out what could have caused it this time/ Moving smth heavy, or severe sneezing?


    Good luck!


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    The pain that my husband felt

    The pain that my husband felt with bone mets was pretty severe and constant.  The time of day did not matter, change of position did not help, heat or cold didn't help.  Narcotics dulled it, but didn't take the pain away.  I have read where some people have felt differently.  Sometimes people are diagnosed with arthritis.  

    My husband had a CT/PET scan prior to his nephrectomy to check for bone mets because of the severe and constant pain that he felt in his lower back.  

    Please discuss what you are feeling with your doctor.  It hasn't been very long since your surgery, and perhaps it is just part of recuperating.  It takes more time than we think to mend.  Best wishes.

  • I am having a similar issue. 

    I am having a similar issue.  My surgery was July 10 for a partial nephrectomy.  Three weeks ago, severe pain started in my lower back.  It felt like it was more in the muscles than in the spine.  I started going to a chiropractor a couple of weeks ago, and he gave me a list of back exercises, and I am feeling better.  My pain is worst in the morning when I wake up, but I think it is due to sleeping in a bad position--on my stomach.  After I wake up, and stretch and do the back excercises, it feels better.  Right now, 95% of the pain from 3 weeks ago is gone.  I went for my 6 month follow up and scans about 1 week after the back pain started, and I mentioned it to the doctor, but they did not think anything of it.

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    I've had a pain at the base

    I've had a pain at the base of my spine also.  It's come about after my surgery and has hung around ever siince.  It has been less of late.  I had the same concerns as you.  But, it isn't a bone met.  For me, I think it's something else.  My oncologist isn't concerned about it.  I recently had a full body bone scan, a PET scan and a CT scan.  Nothing has shown up on my tailbone. 

    You can be watchful, but I don't think you need to assume the worst. 

    Best Wishes.