Pelvic floor therapy


Barb mentioned pelvic floor therapy on another post.  Thought I'd give it its own topic since I'm being selfish as I've just started it.  My gyn/oncologist referred me to a urogynecologist because I have stress incontinence since my hysterectomy.  I so agree with Barb that the exam was uncomfortable and long, but I sort of knew it would be that way. 

Anyway, on to phycial therapy which the physical therapist says will work, so I'm doing it.  Another exam there, but not as awful.  Therapist basically has to test the strength of the muscles.  It is what it is.  I've had only 1 session so far and my homework is sets of reps of Kegels for varying time periods. 

I am also on an elimination diet of bladder irritants.  I'm sure I'll starve to death before it's over (this is day 5 of 14), but I am more interested in seeing if these totally non invasive processes will help.  If not, I'll be the one in the nursing home in a diaper with my wig on crooked!  Oh, the joys of getting older.

Anyone else doing pelvic floor therapy?




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    Pelvic Floor PT

    I had a prolasped bladder about one year after my hysterectomy surgery and chemo.  My gyn/oncologist referred me to a specialist and he prescribed PT.  I went to physical therapy about 2-3 times a week for almost 3 months and it is definitely improved.   Pretty scary when you bladder is almost falling out of body and afraid that I would have to wear diapers.   I also have been doing pilates for almost 3 years now and improving my core strength has helped.  I still have the prolasped bladder but usually only bothers me when I have been standing/walking for very lengthy time.  I drink alot of water so want to keep all the plumbing going. My doctor says after removing the uterus, organs shift and adjust so this issue is not surprising.