Hi Everyone...

Hi everyone,


Haven't been on due to watery eyes. Doc says it's a good thing, so trying not to complain. 

Decided they are going to take my PEG out instead of moving it, as I am eating a little on my own now. I am not going to have it moved lower, as I was warned that there is a great chance of infection if I do. I don't need that on top of all the other symptoms. 

Lost my voice last night and throat and tongue seems swollen.. Just wanted to check in and let all know I am doing okay and hope y'all are as well. 


Prayers and Hugs ! Kritter


  • debbiejeanne
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    hi kritter.  i'm glad they're

    hi kritter.  i'm glad they're taking it out.  you will feel much better.  i hope everything on gets better from then on.

    God bless you,


  • KTeacher
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    Doing good

    My voice would come and go for awhile after treatment.  Teary eyes, I've been doing that lately but for a different reason.  I figure it is cleansing!  Keep up with the food and soon you will be eating moreand getting stronger.

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    Good grief you're going for the record........

    Your road sure has been a very bumpy one. I would agree and not have it moved if it could get infection. You have had so much problems, it has to get better. Just one day at a time........... you will survive and beat this, but what you have been through through is amazing. You are most definitely stronger than most people I know. just remember we're open 24/7 if you need. Kritter, you are an amazing lady, and your family should be very proud of you. We are.


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    Mrs. Peggy can be a real pain in the belly sometimes but she can also be a life savior when we can’t use our mouth. Glad to hear the doc thinks it can be removed and you can do it on your own. Remember baby steps little by little and a little more each day. Keeping you in prayer my friend