Coconut Oil

Have some of you tried "pulling oil"? If so, did it help in any way. I've read much about the benefits. If your suffering from dry-mouth from the rads, like me, and most of you I'm sure, doesn't swishing this oil for 15 or 20 minutes draw out what little saliva is in the mouth and make it even drier or worse? Is it worth trying? Thanks for any info...


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    I have tried it. Oil pulling

    I have tried it. Oil pulling takes the bacteria out of your mouth be sure not to swallow it. I think it temporarily helps with dry mouth. 

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    I too do it now and then but I rather the Coconut Oil in my food. Coconut Oil has a lot better taste to me when I can taste and is a lot better for your body.


    Just my  take


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    I did it just for

    the "wetting effect" it has in my mouth.  I didn't need to worry about pulling the bacteria out as I have dentures....but it does give your mouth a more moist feel.  I also like the taste.  It's not say....pulling Crisco through your's very light.  Eating it is very good, too....using it for cooking, etc.


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    Oral care and coconut oil...

    Hi JC -

    As in most things relating to recovery, we try different things. What works for one might not work for another. I've heard of oil pulling and its benefits but haven't tried it myself.

    What I've read doesn't impress me. There doesn't seem to be any range of difference in the effect between oil pulling and attentive oral care. That means regular brushing, flossing, using a non-alcohol fluorude containing mouthwash, and visits to the dentist/hygienist about every 3-4 months. As far as dry mouth, there are several OTC products out there - ie Biotene - that could help. I've also read recently about another product, Xlear Spry Oral Mist. Bit more expensive but worth a shot - no pun intended.

    I've switched to a prescription fluoruide toothpaste that I brush on every morning and evening before bed and don't rinse it out. I also use Crest Complete and chew gum containging xylitol which helps with dry mouth. My rate of cavities has dropped dramatically although the occasional one creeps in - one of the by-products of dry mouth. Who knew spit could be that valuable.

    You can certainly try the oil pulling and see if it helps. Another approach is to do it and have followups with the dentist asking him to see if there's any change. Let him visualize any changes in addition to your own impressions about its effectiveness.

    Wouldn't hurt to hear back and find out how you did - just adds to the knowledge base here.


    - Jeff


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    Oil pulling

    I do this for about 5-10 minutes at a time, maybe 2-3 times a week.  It has helped some with the overnight dry mouth, but my dentist is amazed at how much better my gums are looking.  They had started to "shrink" due to the flap I had made butting right up to the gum line.  She said she can see noticable results!