"Complete Response to Treatment"

We don't have a scan yet but these were the sweetest words we've heard yet. From the Oncologist after the manual exam on Thursday!!

It's been a very rough go since the last treatment but Bob continues to be strong. Our order of Liquid Hope arrived today so we are hoping this will help his body be stronger for what we hope is the last really rough week!! 

Thanks once again to you all who have given encouragement and suggestions. I wish you all the best!!!





  • CivilMatt
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    complete happiness


    That is very nice to hear, especially nice when spoken by the oncologist.



  • wmc
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    "Complete Response to Treatment"...Not bad.

    Nicci, hearing that must have been just great. I'm very glad for you both. Yes it is a very bumpy road to go down, and you both did. It will still have some bumps, but the worst is behind you. Just take one day at a time. Remember were open 24/7. Will keep you both in my prayers. 


  • MrsBD
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    What wonderful news! I hope you continue to see improvements every day. We'll be waiting for your NED too!

  • sonyk728
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    That news is great!

    Love that phrase! Praying for you!

  • debbiejeanne
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    nicci, those words are music

    nicci, those words are music to the ears!!  congrats.  praying for the last week to go by quickly and without any bumps.  now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  i know how good that light looks.  i'll be waiting to do the happy dance when we hear him ring the bell.

    God bless you,


  • Hondo
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    Great Words to hear



    Keep your focus to getting better and don’t get down if things don’t go a fast as you would like to see them go. It takes time to heal but the good part is that we will heal in time.