Importance of post-surgery breathing exercises

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Hello everyone!

I'd like to use opportunity and stress out importance of post-surgery breathing exercises for those who are awaiting their surgeries.

I first found out about them here on the forum, they were mentioned couple of days ago in one post. I asked my boyfriend out of curiosity if he did them. He told that nurses advised something, but he didn't pay much attention and didn't perform them, he thought they were for somerhing else. Well, we thought that it was not relevant anymore, since surgery was a month ago and things looked OK. But hewas not feeling too well last couple of weeks - chills, body aches, slight fever from time to time. We assumed it is flu or his hepatitis C starting to show symptoms. 

Long story short - he finally went to doctor today, got an x-ray, and it is pneumonia, most probably a surgery complication ( a very common thing). Now sitting home at sick leave and getting antibiotics injections. We are lucky that it is a very mild form.

So please do prescribed breathing exercises, they help!