Well, finally they replaced my tube and yesterday was the first day since that I didnt have any wetness or burn. I am so happy!! Now to clear up the damage done to the stomach area. 


  • wmc
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    Very good news...........

    That is very good news to hear, and a good sign as well. All things seem to take time and some thims it's on a slow pace but will happen. Thank you for letting us know the news. What seems small to most people can be a major accomplishment to us, so celebrate then all.


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    i'm so happy for you that you

    i'm so happy for you that you are know moving in the right direction.  those extra bumps in the road can really try our nerves with everything else we have going on.  well, take a deep breath and let it out and start getting used to moving forward again.

    God bless you,


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    Wonderful!  That is great

    Wonderful!  That is great news.  Now you can begin using it.  I had an unusually close relationship with mine.  I put all medicine, herbs, food, etc in there.  I really appreciated that it kept me hydrated and well nourished.  I had my tube 9 months.  Too long.  For some reason I was reluctant to part with it, but we have now been parted 2 weeks.

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    New PEG


    It feels great to get new PEG that doesn’t leak. It took me almost 2 years to convince my doctor to let me try the Mic-key low profile PEG and I had to buy it online because he don’t stock PEG buttons. I now have a new gastro doctor who does believe in making life as good as possible for people like me.


    Now I wish I had changed doctors a long time ago